5 Best Tips to Find Cheap Airlines


Do you want to travel by air? But, unfortunately, the price of airfare stops you from traveling luxuriously on the plane, then we can feel your pain. This is a pain for every common man who wants to enjoy the luxury of traveling by plane, but can’t afford it.

Now, people, if you use your brain and think smartly before booking a flight ticket for your next overseas trip, then you can easily score some cheap flight tickets. You must be thinking about how it’s possible in this fast economy, guys, if you plan carefully and use the following tricks before booking airline tickets, then you can save up lots of travel expenses.

Tip 1. Book Advance

Yep, if you want to travel tomorrow and you are booking tickets today, then be ready to pay extra charges. Booking flight tickets on the spot is always expensive, that’s why you should book your tickets at least a couple of days in advance. It is advocated by experts that to book local flights at affordable rates, you should at least book 3-4 weeks earlier. Moreover, for international flights, you should at least have a waiting period of 4-5 months. On the top, if you want to book flight tickets for the busy holiday season, then you should book tickets 11 months in advance. By planning your trip in the advance, you will be able to save up a lot on your air freights.

Tip 2. Set Fare Alerts

To save up money on air flights, you can use technology. Today, almost all flight search engines allow users to set fare alerts on their selected dates so that they can immediately book tickets when prices are low. This will be very helpful for people to book affordable flights when prices are at the lowest. There are plenty of different flight search engines available online, but the most recommended one is Google flight. You can even subscribe to newsletters of airlines to alerts on prevailing discount offers.

Tip 3. Book Flights Directly 

If you are using numerous deal sites to book flight tickets, then don’t do that because fares are almost the same on airline websites and deal websites. The benefit of booking tickets directly from the airline website would be that you will avoid unnecessary booking costs like credit card payment fees, additional booking fees included by deal websites and some other services charges. Moreover, if you want to modify your booking details later on, then booking directly from the airline website will be convenient.

Tip 4. Subscribe Newsletters

Okay, so if you want to always know when prices are dropping or new schemes are offered by airlines, then you can subscribe to newsletters of various websites. This way you will be directly notified by email when any new offer is availed by the airlines. Moreover, you can follow different airline companies on social media because these days companies share sale information on their social media pages.

Tip 5. Flexible Traveling Plans

If you keep your traveling dates open, then there might be a higher chance of getting affordable tickets. However, if you have to travel on a fixed date, then you can check whether a day before or after your traveling date has affordable tickets available. Trying to be flexible with your traveling schedule is the best way to pick cheaper fare rate flights. Google Flights does a great job of alerting you if a fare is lower on a nearby date. On Skyscanner, you can look at fares across a whole month which is also helpful.

So, people your dream of traveling by air can come true if you plan your trip carefully. By keeping an eye on the airlines and booking tickets in advance, you will surely be able to travel affordably.


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