5 High Tech Quirky Gifts for Valentine’s Day


Love season is blooming as Valentine’s Day is approaching very fast. Now, if you are wondering what to gift your partner on Valentine’s Day, then let’s add a technology twist to your Valentine’s celebrations. Yep, today we live in a technology studded world where smart gadgets are becoming a permanent fixture of our lives. So, why not include technology in your love celebration and become high tech.

You must be wondering how come gadgets can become a romantic gift. Well, folks, gadgets can be romantic gifts – you just need to pick the right gadgets. To make your Valentine’s Day unique with technology studded gifts, you can order the following gifts right now.

NIX digital photo frame

The first high tech option to make your Valentine’s Day remarkable would be a digital photo frame. When you can frame your multiple memories through a digital photo frame, then why settle for one memory. You can create a beautiful present for your partner by ordering a NIX digital photo frame and upload all of your favorite pictures on it. This digital photo frame is available in different screen sizes from 8 inches to 15.6 inches. It can be easily controlled with motion sensors and remote devices. Your partner will be very thrilled after receiving this high tech gift from you.

Perfect Drink Pro smart scale and recipe app

If your beau loves his drink or you host lots of cocktail parties at your home, then you are going to enjoy this high tech gift. Perfect Drink Pro smart scale is a quirky gadget with which you can make delicious cocktails by measuring every ingredient with Bluetooth and wifi-enabled scale. You can even link a smart scale with the Perfect Drink Pro recipe app from your smartphone and make 400 different types of cocktails at home. You and your partner can make delicious cocktails together on Valentine’s eve and get drunk on love.

Smart oil diffuser

If you and your partner work hard all day, then you can treat both of yourself with a relaxing environment. Yep, scented candles and aromatic therapies are the best way to relax yourself after a long day of work. So, you can order smart oil diffuser for Valentine’s Day and create an aromatic environment in your home. With a special Mexico smart oil diffuser, you can burn 400 ml oil in your bedroom and indulge in some intimate activities with your partner. This smart diffuser comes with LED lights that can be easily controlled using a smartphone app. It is a perfect gift to turn your Valentine night into a relaxing environment.


Technology can be super romantic and it has been proven by numerous great gadgets like this LoveBox. This cute gift idea is a digital message system which allows you to use a mobile app to send a note, message, or drawing remotely to the box. The heart on the front spins when a message is received. You can write a romantic poem or draw something special for your romantic partner and deliver through this unique love box on Valentine’s Day. This is a very unique and romantic gift that can bring a big smile on your partner’s face.

Bose Frames Alto

Well, using Bluetooth headphones or wireless earbuds has been an old way of listening to music. You can gift a new way of indulging in melodies to your husband or boyfriend through Bose Frames Alto. These sunglasses are equipped with a small speaker that can blast music in your ears. Bose Frames Alto can be easily connected with your smartphone and play your favorite playlist. You can control it with Google Assistant and Siri for ease.

So, love birds, you can make your Valentine’s Day high tech with quirky and unique gadgets. The best thing about gadget gifts is that they can be used for a long time and hold a beautiful memory. So, let’s order some romantic gadget gifts before it’s too late.


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