How to Effectively Run your Remote Team?


The modern business trends and the international crisis – coronavirus has increased the trend of remote working. Nowadays, people are working in the comfort of their own homes because it is both safe and effective. But, this remote working method has raised numerous problems ahead of management about how they can effectively manage the work of their remote teams.

So, if you are also facing the trouble of effectively managing your remote team, then you can easily do that. You just have to change your business management strategies to effectively run the operations of your remote team. To improve the efficiency of your remote team, you can try the following strategies –

Strategy 1. Establish Proper Channels of Communication 

The success of remote working lies in proper communication. In the remote working setup, your team won’t be able to communicate as effectively as they used to do in the office setup. So, if you don’t want to lose focus of your employees and don’t want them to feel overwhelmed because of the new setup, then you have to establish a strong communication system in your company.

Today, technology has made it effective for business organizations to establish different types of communication with their remotely working team. From video conferencing to instant chat messages, there are multiple communication methods and tools available to make the remote working system alive. Just open the door of communication to improve the efficiency of your remote team.

Strategy 2. Regular Check-Ins

You can’t leave your remote team unattended to work on their own. Just like the office setup when you use to frequently check in your employees and provide them your feedback and guidance from time to time. You need to frequently check up on your remote team and constantly ask them – how’s working going, do they need any help, hear out their concerns and issues.

Being an employer, it is your responsibility to make sure that your employees aren’t in any stress due to the remote work setup. You need to check up on them constantly so they don’t feel alone or left out. Moreover, constant check-ins will help you in keeping an eye on the work progress of your team as well.

Strategy 3. Have Virtual Coffee Breaks 

Yep, if you want to make a friendly environment in your remote team setup, then you have to create a virtual friendly environment. You can host virtual coffee breaks for your employees where they can chat informally with one another and share ideas. The informal coffee breaks are very important to maintain the creativity of the people. Just give some time to your team to wind up their stress virtually and reduce their stress level.

Strategy 4. Personal Communication 

Don’t stick to formal ways of communication to interact with your team. You can use different informal methods to stay in touch with your team and understand their thoughts better. Limit e-mail, instead use real-time, in-person communication tools such as Skype, Zoom, etc., or even the old fashioned phone.

When you try to establish personal modes of communication with your team, then they don’t feel left out. Moreover, some humans can’t function properly without the personal touch and experiences so for those employees it is very important to use the personal communication channels.

Strategy 5. Use Tools

To effectively run your remote organization, you need to get the support of numerous technology tools that can help you in effectively managing your business. From communication tools to time tracking software, there are plenty of different tools and software available that you can use to improve the remote workflow. Just install and purchase all the effective tools to run your business operations remotely.

Work from home is a new way of work which is the demand of the present time. So, if you are planning to establish a remote team for the safety of your team, then it is a good idea. Just follow the right strategies and you will be able to retrieve more return from the remote work setup.


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