How to Motivate your Team During a Crisis?


When you are running a business organization, then ups and downs are part of the process. Sometimes you have so much work that you have to request your team to work overtime and sometimes business is so slow that you have to cut short working hours. It’s all part of the business, but being the head of your business family, it is your responsibility to keep your team motivated during the crunch time.

If your team’s morale goes down during the crisis, then you have to try different tactics to energize them. That’s because low morale can make the situation even worse for your company. So, you have to create an environment where your employees won’t lose their motivation during crunch time. Such as-

Check your own Energy 

Now, if you are feeling low and worried about the slowdown in the business, then there’s no way that you can uplift the energy of your team. So, foremost, you have to work on improving your own energy level. You need to make sure that your worries and stress won’t affect the performance and morality of your team. Thus, you need to practice different self-motivational practices to boost your own morale before energizing your team.

Show Empathy

You can’t just dump the low business news on your employees. You have to build a story around it and tell how there’s a slowdown in the economy. Moreover, you can’t just throw problems at your team without suggesting to them any solution. You have to show empathy towards your team and say that if you all stay united and work hard, then you can easily overcome these difficult times. So, be considerate towards Your people during the crisis situation.

Set Milestones 

To keep your employees motivated during the crunch time, you have to give some sort of milestones to your team. If you give milestones of finding new clients in the slowdown, then this will diverge the attention of your team from the negative talk of the slowdown season. They willfully channelize their attention towards beating the slowdown by using their innovative approach. Don’t stop your team from thinking out of the box ideas as uniqueness will eventually bring success.

Give Some Liberty 

Allow the team to structure their workdays in ways that maximize their productivity. Crunch times are not the time for politics or HR rules impositions, you should give some creative liberty to your team so that they can maximize their productivity. Don’t force your team to work in a particular manner. If your team has better ideas and techniques to improve efficiency and productivity, then let them try. On the top, you should encourage your team to try innovative ideas to bring business back on track.

Use Reward Technique 

One of the best ways to motivate your team during hard times is to offer them rewards. Suppose, if your team has created a new strategy to grow your business and the technique works out well, then you should provide rewards to your team. You have to offer monetary or promotional rewards to your team. This will motivate your team to work even harder to achieve their goals as their efforts will be fully compensated.

Watch for Signs

If you find out that anyone in your team is feeling low or stressed about the situation, then you should conduct one on one consultation with the person and try to motivate him. You should keep on monitoring the behavior of your entire team and whenever you see an employee struggling, then you should make personal efforts to energize him.

If you want to survive and grow in the slowdown, then you need to keep your team fully motivated and energized. When you have full support from your team, then you can easily overcome any difficult situation easily.



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