Some Unbelievable Facts About 45th President of the US – Donald Trump


Donald Trump is the 45th President of the United States of America or we can say one of the most controversial President of all time. From his presidential election campaign to his presidential tenure, everything has been full of drama and entertainment. It doesn’t matter what Trump does or says – he is bound to make headlines with his actions and statements.

So, do you want to know more about this controversial president? If yes, then we have a few interesting facts about Mr. Trump that will help you understand the personality of this blond guy.

Trump was a naughty kid

Trump was a troublemaker and naughty from his childhood days. That’s why his parents send him to military school to learn discipline and values. In his teenage days, he was charged for bad behavior and to give punishment – he was sent to military school.

He is a Germaphobe

Yep, the US President who has to shake hands with millions of people on a daily base is Germaphobe. The extent of Donald trump’s fear of germs can be seen from the fact that he washes his hands regularly so that he won’t catch any germs.

His company was sued by The Department of Justice

Trump has always been accused of being a racist. His racist nature has been the main topic of opposition against his entire campaign. There’s a reason to prove this behavior of Trump because the Trump Management Corporation was served by The Department of Justice once because they won’t rent property to people of a certain race.

He doesn’t drink 

Most of the people don’t know that Donal Trump doesn’t consume alcoholic drinks. There is a very deep reason behind it – Trump’s brother was an alcoholic and he died because of his alcohol addiction in 1982 and this leaves a mark on his mind and he quit drinking afterward. Now, who could have guessed that rude and rowdy Trump can be an emotional fella. It is right to say that you can’t judge a book from its cover.

Trump won’t let go a cent

Donald Trump is a true businessman so he respects and honors money more than anything in this world. This can be proven from the fact that one-time SPY Magazine sent a check of 13 cents to some of the world’s richest people to check who might cash it. And, ladies and gentlemen, out of all the people – the arms dealer and the real estate mogul – Donal Trump was the only person who cashes the check. So, it is clear that how small is the amount, trump won’t let go of a penny.

Trump has been sued a lot

The way of conducting business and making money is a war for Donald Trump and win a war – he can do anything. And, that’s maybe the reason that Trump has been sued multiple times by his business associates, clients, employees, banks and partners. If we talk in numbers, then Trump has been almost 3500 times. And, still, he is thriving and growing better than before.

TV wrote his story of a success 

Donald Trump Hit it Big with the Television Show “The Apprentice” and was paid $375,000 for each episode of the show. So, his mixed Scottish and German gens have made him a popular TV star and rolling in the wad of cash.

He’s a bit of a ladies man

When Donald Trump was running for elections, then he was at least accused by 24 women of inappropriate sexual behavior. In his long career of 30 years, there have been numerous incidents when he was reported by his female employees and subordinates. This can be shown from the fact that he has been married thrice and his present wife, Melania is more than two decades younger than him.

Donald Trump is the owner of a truly colorful personality indeed. He had played roles of a businessman, TV star, a President and much more. So, indeed he is a jack of various trades.


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