7 Companies That Sell More Smartphones


Okay, today if you need oxygen, clothes, and food to live, then the fourth important thing that we all now need is smartphones. Yep, today, we can’t survive a day without our smartphones because from our bank details to important business information – everything is stored on the smartphone. So, a minute without your smartphone can be dangerous for your health – note the sarcasm. However, apart from being an important part of human life today, the growth of smartphone sales has been reduced in 2019 by 1%. This downfall might be small, but it has a deeper impact on the growth of giant smartphone-making companies. The downfall in smartphone sales can highly impact following big smartphone manufacturing brands.


The number one smartphone industry player was Samsung in 2019 with a whopping 20% share in the market. The South Korean tech giant shipped 296.1 million phones in 2019 across the globe. This manufacturer produces a wide range of smartphones that fall under different price ranges. From a low-priced smartphone to a highly expensive smartphone, everything is created by Samsung. Due to the target large customer base, Samsung got to hold the title of the number one smartphone-producing company.


If we talk about the second company that produces a large number of smartphones, then we have to give this title to Huawei. This Chinese company isn’t far behind Samsung as they hold 16% of the market share. At the end of 2019, this company sold 238.5 million smartphones in the global market so the performance of Huawei has been great by far and users are heartily loving it.


Yep, the luxurious technology brand Apple is at the number three position as the global smartphone seller leader. Apple has captured 13% of the market share with its excellent-quality iPhone. The number of smartphones sold by Apple in 2019 has been 196.2 million. Last year, Apple also introduced the eleventh edition of its iPhone which has been highly appreciated by loyal iPhone users. However, Apple always tries to maintain a high-class standard, thus they always launch their smartphones at a certain price range.


The fourth spot is also held by a Chinese smartphone manufacturing company – Xiaomi. This company has targeted the common man with their products and made it possible for a common man with a limited budget to own a smartphone. With a total market share of 8%, Xiaomi has provided some really cool and budget-friendly smartphones to people. This company has sold around 124.5 million in 2019.


This is the first BBK group company in the list that stood in number fifth position on global smartphone manufacturing companies. The company is growing rapidly with an 8% market share. Oppo shipped 119.8 million smartphones in 2019 and they have targeted moderate customers with their innovative technologies and fare price rates. This is a quite new company as compared to other tech giants, but it is growing pretty fast.


Just one step behind Oppo was the second BBK group company that has been selling smartphones in 2019 like a hot cake. The total 8% of the market share makes Vivo the sixth company to sell a maximum number of smartphones in 2019 as they shipped 113.7 million units. Just like Oppo, Vivo also targets moderate customers who can afford smartphones of good quality.

Lenovo Group

The seventh spot is reserved for Lenovo Group — . market share. This is yet another Chinese brand that has shipped 39.6 million smartphones in 2019. Lenovo is a big technology brand that has produced multiple other smart gadgets as well. So, folks, now you all know about the big daddies of the smartphone industry who have sold the most smartphones in 2019. Now, if you are planning to buy a new smartphone, then you know which companies are trending the most.



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