4 Drool-Worthy Indian Vegan Dishes That You Can Try in 2020 


A vegan diet is trending these days due to multiple health benefits. In a vegan diet, all types of animal products including dairy products are avoided and plant-based food items are eaten. Well, if you are an Indian and want to follow a vegan lifestyle, then you have a problem ahead of you because most of the delicious Indian delicacies are cooked with animal products. Now, you don’t need to be disheartened here because there are plenty of different mouth-watering vegan dishes present in India that will make your taste buds go crazy. Don’t trust us, just look at the delicious vegan treats served in the Indian subcontinent. 

Masala Dosa

Okay, so vegans, if you want to start your day with a healthy wholesome breakfast dish, then take a tour of southern India and make Masala Dosa for breakfast for yourself and your family. The dosa can be prepared in a variety of styles, but the dosa stuffed with boiled potatoes, curry leaves, and methi is highly popular among foodies. Dosa is 100% vegan as it is made from fermented rice flour and no dairy product is used in the making process. Moreover, you can make your dosa breakfast even more exquisite by serving it with coriander chutney as curd is used to make traditional coconut chutney.

Chole Masala

If you are a Punjabi who is trying to be vegan, then it will be way harder for you to become a vegan because refined butter and cottage cheese are an important part of your daily diet. But, you can still be vegan as spicy and tangy dishes like Chole Masala are available for you. Chole aka chickpeas are cooked in thick masala gravy and served with freshly steamed rice mostly. The texture of chickpeas is quite firm and strong even after boiling so you can’t expect a mushy dish. It is a very delicious vegan Indian dish that can be mainly served at dinner or lunch.

Aloo Puri

When you are planning to eat a rich and flavourful breakfast during the holidays with your friends and family, then you can try easy-to-cook aloo puri. This is the most decadent and favorite Indian vegan dish. The potatoes are firmly boiled peeled off and sautéed in a spice fixture. The soft and spicy potatoes are accompanied by fried flatbread made from whole wheat flour. With the crispness of the fried puris, the sharpness of aloo is beautifully cut. This dish is mostly served with hung curd, but being a vegan you can pair it with tamarind chutney or freshly pickled salad.

Hara Bhara Kabab

Kababs are mostly non-vegetarian because they are cooked with meat or seafood. But, for vegan people, Hara Bhara Kabab is the best alternative to non-veg kababs. This kabab dish is cooked with charred and grilled vegetables like potatoes, spinach, and green peas and is thus wholly nutritious. The vegan version of this snack is easy to make, healthy, and delicious. You can easily make vegan kebabs at home when your friends are coming for late afternoon tea or you can give them in your kid’s lunch box as a special treat.

Indian Vegan is Possible 

Now, if you want to adopt a vegan lifestyle to stay healthy and protect animals, then you can easily do that without compromising with flavors. Even Indians can adopt a vegan lifestyle without making hard alterations in their current lifestyle as there are plenty of different types of vegan dishes available in India. Apart from the above-mentioned Indian vegan dishes, there are a variety of dishes present like rajma, dum aloo, kofta, vegetable pulao, and much more. So, be vegan without hesitation as there are multiple options available for you.



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