How to Limit Screen Time of your Children?


How to Limit Screen Time of your Children:- Does your child spend all day in front of the screen? Is the screen time of your child made him lethargic and quiet? If yes, then you need to limit the screen time of your kid and involve him in other activities.

But, that’s not an easy task because, from a 52” inch TV screen to 15” inch mobile screen, your kid is today surrounded with electronic gadgets. From playing games on mobile to watching cartoons on TV, your child has so many options that he prefers seating in front of a stupid screen rather than going out and playing in the field.

It is the biggest problem of a parent to limit the screen time of their children. So, parents need to adopt a smart approach to work with smart generation kids.

Set a Model

Okay, now if you have the TV on 24*7 in your home while you are scrolling on your phone, then this is the worst example that you can set in front of your child. Whatever you do, your child is going to follow it. So, if you are constantly binge-watching on Netflix or chatting on social media, then how will you set a model in front of your child. Thus, you need to set a screen using a model for yourself. Your child will automatically pick this habit and reduce his screen time. So, first, reduce your screen time before preaching to your children.

Learn about Electronics 

Today, we are dealing with the tech generation. It is a fact that children are today more tech-savvy than adults. Thus, when you want to check the online activities of your children or beware of them about the latest social media craze, then you need to first educate yourself about all the latest trends. You need to get information about different R-rated apps and social media platforms so that you can keep your children away from them. When you are dealing with the smart generation, then you need to provide them with solid proof because this generation won’t listen without proper justification. So, start learning about electronic gadgets to protect your children.

Create Technology Free Zone

To promote less screen time in your home, you have to create a zone in your home where the use of technology is completely banned. Your dining room is the perfect place to set a technology-free zone in your home. Just make a rule for everyone that no one will use mobile phones in your dining room anyway. If someone does, then he will be penalized – even if it’s you. Your dining room needs to be full of happy moments and healthy food so keep technology out of it.

Technology Free Hour

To detox technology from your family, you need to mark a time in your home when your entire family will turn off all the gadgets and spend some quality time in one another’s presence. For example, make your diner time a technology-free time for your time. No one should use a mobile phone or watch TV while eating dinner. And, after the diner has a family ritual of playing some board games and sharing a day routine with another. This will increase your family bond as well.

Use Parental Control 

Being an adult it’s your responsibility as a parent to protect your children from the exploitation going on the internet and TV. Use parental controls that allow you to monitor what your children are viewing on TV and what they’re doing online. There are plenty of different parent control apps and tools are available in the market that you can use to protect your child.

It requires lots of dedication and knowledge from your side to protect your children from spending too much time in front of the screen. You as a parent have to reduce your screen time and have to spend more time with your kid out playing and doing different activities so that your child won’t become a screen baby.

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