Vegetarian Options in China


If you have backed your bags and are ready to hop on a plane to leave China for a couple of days, then you must be super excited. But, you will be a little stressed too because everyone is telling you that you can’t expect too many vegetarian options in China. Now, that’s wrong because just like the rest of the world Chinese are religious and yoga lovers so they indeed follow a vegetarian lifestyle a lot.

In China, a large number of people follow Buddhist teachings about minimizing suffering, thus they don’t eat any kind of meat. Plus, with the western culture influence of fitness and Indian yoga lifestyle, the number of vegans or vegetarians is increasing daily. So, you can expect to eat a variety of delicious vegetarian dishes on your China trip.

Some of the mouth-watering vegetarian Chinese dishes are –

Garlic Noodles

Noodles are one of the best options for vegetarians in China. Chinese noodle dishes are very delicious and can be cooked in multiple different ways. Garlic noodles are something that you can order in any local Chinese restaurant and give a delicious turn to your trip. When noodles are caressed and stirred in the ravishing garlic and ginger sauces, then a salivating Chinese noodle dish is served on the platter. The benefit of ordering a noodle dish is that it is available in a gluten-free option as well. For vegetarian travelers, garlic noodle is the perfectly affordable dish that is available on every street.

General Tso Tofu

If you are a pure vegetarian, but you want to try the texture of meat on your China trip without compromising your vegetarian lifestyle, then you can try general tso tofu. Tofu is yet another vegetarian dish that you can order in China – it is sour hunk curd in a way. Tso tofu is a very delicate delicious that has been served a variety of vegetarian sauces and vegetarian. The small pieces of tofu are tossed in the minimal oil to produce a crispy meat-like texture. This dish can be available in a gluten-free option as well.

Vegetable Fried Rice

Okay, so if you are in China and you don’t explore vegetable fried rice, then you will be in so much loss. So, you should definitely try delicious and easy to cook Chinese fried rice. To add flavors to rice, multiple vegetarian sauces and amazing Chinese vegetables are tossed with the ore cooked rice. Thus, you have to eat fried rice in China to relish the real feel of vegetarian delisted.

Nepali Momos with Spinach and Ricotta

Oh my god, when you have the creamy richness of ricotta cheese and tangy taste of spinach to treat with, then why you need meat. This vegetarian Chinese dish can show you the real flavors of China. When delicate momos are filled with ricotta and spinach filling to the brim and slowly steamed in the bamboo steamer, then the real bombshells of flavor are made. This is a very tasty and exotic snack that you can order from any roadside vendor in China.

Real Deal Sesame Noodles

Who said peanut butter can be only served in breakfast with breadsticks only. Well, no one. So, when you are in the spree of exploring China, then you need to eat peanut butter coated sesame noodles. Yep, imagine when you take the first bite of your sesame coated noodles, then suddenly flavors of peanut butter explode in your mouth and leave you with the urge to eat more and more. So, give a try to sesame noodles and sweeten your vegetarian taste buds with new flavors.

Carrot Dumplings

How can you complete your China trip without eating dumplings? Moreover, not all dumplings are stuffed with meat. These carrot dumplings are elegant and filling, making for a great vegetarian Chinese recipe.

So, China loves vegetarian people. It is clear from all the awesome vegetarian dishes options that if you are in China, then you never have to worry about eating meat. So, vegans and vegetarians, go to China and eat your heart out.


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