Tested Strategies to Get More Facebook Likes

Tested Strategies to Get More Facebook Likes

Today, if you want to grow your business and connect with your audiences directly to know their thoughts, then you have to create your social media presence. And, Facebook being the king of all the social media platforms, you have to create a Facebook page for your business.

However, creating a Facebook page barely takes five minutes, but getting relevant likes and creating a good flow of engagement over your Facebook pages isn’t an easy task. But, it’s not an impossible task. With some easy tricks and strategies, you can organically grow your Facebook page growth. Let’s see how –


Add Value 

You have to add value to your Facebook page if you want to attract a large number of viewers toward your page. You can’t expect people to like your low-value and empty page. To add value to your Facebook page, you have to post relevant content on your page regularly. Your Facebook post needs to be relevant to your business and full of information that compels viewers to like and share your posts more and more.

Create an Event

To keep your audience engaged, you have to launch an event, quizzes, podcasts, or blogs on your page. Performing multiple activities on the Facebook page along with the regular posts keeps your audiences interested and even helps in attracting new users. You can host competitions or organize webinars on your page to keep audiences active. If you don’t provide variation to your Facebook audiences, then they will automatically lose interest in your post.

Use Multiple Hashtags & Photos

You can’t post a mere couple of lines and expect thousands of likes and comments. No, you have to make your post interesting and reachable with cool infographics, photos, and relevant hashtags. Photos attract more people to your posts as one image speaks a thousand words.

Moreover, hashtags are like the address of your post that helps Facebook users to find your post. For instance, if someone searches for the best digital marketing company on Facebook, and you have used this tag on your Facebook post, then this will automatically make your post appear. So, to get searched and reach more people, you need to use good hashtags.

Post on Other People’s Pages

There are plenty of different groups and pages present on Facebook that allow you to post your content on them. You can use that as an opportunity to promote your page on multiple platforms and generate new users. If you have a new Facebook page, then you should certainly promote your page on multiple pages and groups. But, keep in thing in mind that you can’t promote your page on every Facebook group, you have to search the relevant pages related to your business and promote your page there only.

Create Paid Campaigns 

On Facebook, you can run paid marketing campaigns as well. Now, you must be wondering how a paid post can be considered an organic way. Well, you see paid reach can funnel into your organic reach and extend the lifecycle of your posts. This means it will be shown to more people and users will be able to interact with your content for a longer period of time. Thus, if you want to increase the life of your posts, then you should definitely try paid campaigns and make your posts last longer on social media.

Use Evergreen Content 

If you want people to come back again and again on your Facebook page, then you should post an evergreen post on your Facebook. This way every time a new visitor comes to your page, they won’t feel like your page doesn’t contain the latest information. Thus, avoid talking about news and trendy topics, just focus on general topics that can be enjoyed by your audiences regularly.

So, people if you post good content regularly on your Facebook page with lots of innovative pictures and infographics, then you will be surely able to get organic likes on your Facebook page. Just be focused and dedicated to your Facebook profile for engagement.


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