Tips to Develop Critical Thinking Skills


If you want to overcome any hurdle that your personal or professional life throws your way, then you need to sharpen your critical thinking skills. When you are fully capable of analyzing, processing and understanding information using your intelligence, then you can find a solution for any difficult situation. Thus, it is highly advised to develop high critical skills so that you can handle any difficult situation easily.

Some people believe that critical thinking is good gifted and can’t be developed, but that’s wrong. With the proper practice and strategies, you can easily develop critical thinking skills and grow in your life. You just need to follow the perfect roadmap of critical thinking first.

Ask Questions 

Well, it is assumed that a good critical thinker can answer any question easily. But, in reality, a good critical thinker is better at asking questions. Yep, when you ask the right questions, then you will automatically find the right answers. So, to become a good critical thinker, you have to first ask questions after fully analyzing the situation. For instance, if you are facing a professional problem, then you have to first access the situation and ask the following questions –

  • What information regarding the problem you already have?
  • From where you have retrieved the information?
  • What is your goal behind solving the problem?

Understand your Brain

The important trait of a good critical thinker is that he or she knows how their brain processes a certain piece of information. Everyone processes the same information in a different manner. So, when you find out how your brain will react in a particular situation and how much time your brain will take to process a piece of information, then you can work on improving the ability of your brain to process information faster. By knowing your limitations, you can work on improving your limits.

Test your Perceptive 

It is a human trait that under every situation we think differently. The decision that you make under regular circumstances will be different from the decision that you make under unfavorable conditions like hunger, anger, grief, rush, and others. So, you have to test your perceptive under different circumstances and evaluate the change in your decision. This will give you a perception from different angles and improve critical thinking skills.

Think Opposite 

Thinking in reverse is another fascinating and effective technique, especially when you’re stuck trying to puzzle through a difficult problem. If you think opposite to your regular thinking process, then you will eventually find a new way to address a situation. Suppose if you are determined to solve the given mathematical equation with one formula, but by reversing your thinking, you might be able to solve the same equation with the different formulas. Sometimes by opposite thinking, you will find a new way of addressing the same problem.

Think Ahead 

Well, you should not think about the present effect of your decision, you need to think ahead of time and evaluate how your decision will impact your future. Now, you don’t have to be psychic here, but developing some prediction skills is the perfect trait of a critical thinker. But, now if you are wondering how you will develop foresight skills, then that’s pretty simple. You just have to think in the right direction.

For example, if you want to start a business, then you should not go with your gut. Do you have to ask all sorts of questions like what impression does your new business idea give to people? How many competitors are there in the area? Will it be easy to find good employees? Once you analyze all the futuristic questions, then you will be able to easily predict the future.

Now, folks, you can easily sharpen your critical thinking skills by mulling over multiple things. The best tip to becoming a good critical thinker is to ask the right questions at the right time.



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