Uncommon Facts About Common Brands


Are you an ultimate brand freak? Do you eat, wear and buy only branded stuff? Then, do you know everything about your common brands? We can bet that most of you only know some basic facts about your favorite brands, but not everything.

So, if you want to learn some uncommon facts about your favorite brands that you use daily, then we have little interesting information and mind stunning facts to share with you. Let’s buckle up your belt and be ready to discover some unknown facts about –


FedEx is a popular and speedy courier company that has been delivering our important goods around the globe. But, do you know in 1970, before the formal formation of FedEx, the company was already rolling under the huge debt and going through a major financial crisis that they weren’t able to pay salaries to their staff. So, in this distress situation, Fred Smith – founder of FedEx – one day hop on a plane to Las Vegas and won $27000 in the game of Blackjack. This is how FedEx was saved and today serving us.


Do you know BMW was found because Germany lost World War I? Yep, BMW was initially an aircraft manufacturing company, but after Germany lost World War I, then under Versailles Armistice Treaty – they have to cease all aircraft manufacturing processes. The company faced huge bankruptcy due to this loss, but to cover the loss company started to manufacture motorcycles and later in 1928, BMW started manufacturing luxurious cars. The origin of this story can be still in the logo of BMW. We can bet you didn’t know this juice fact about your favorite automobile brand.

MacDonald’s Logo Story

Okay, so you can recognize the giant yellow M sign of MacDonald’s logo from anywhere. But, if you are wondering if this M defines the name of the company, then you are pretty much wrong. What? Yep, the big M wasn’t inspired by the name of the company, but it was originally inspired by the architecture of the building. First, McDonald’s building owner wants to include two golden arches in front of the building so that people can recognize the building from afar. While designing the logo of the company designers took inspiration from these two arches and design the unique logo of the famous food chain.

Nike’s Tick Story 

Okay, so the famous tick logo of the originally named Blue Ribbon Sports company isn’t actually a tick. The swoosh sign that we saw on every Nike product isn’t actually a tick mark. Nike is a name driven by the winged Greek goddess of victory. The famous “swoosh” symbol that’s been its logo ever since represents her. So, it does not tick mark sign, but a wing sign – always remember this when you wear your favorite Nike products.

Amazing Amazon Sign

You might have ordered different products from your favorite online shopping store, Amazon. But, have you ever seen the logo of Amazon website clearly, if you have seen the logo, then you might have noticed that there is a yellow color big smiley under the Amazon name. Do you know why this smiley is there? No, it doesn’t define the happy customer experience. The smiley is especially poised between A and Z that represents – this website sells goods from A To Z. Yep, shocking right, don’t forget to check this smiley yourself when you next visit the Amazon website.

United Parcel Service Foundation 

UPS is a renowned packaging company, but the start of this company is very modest. In 1907, 19-year-old James Casey founded the company with $100 borrowed from a friend and a bicycle. The teenager also served as president, CEO, and chairman.

Okay, so you might be thrilled after reading all these uncommon facts about your favorite brands that you might not have ever known before. This also tells us that all these top brands were once a common idea in which a person believed and created a history.



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