Some Proven Facts About Green Tea


There were days when coffee used to be the most popular hot beverage. But, days of this caffeine-rich beverage are fading away because health freak people are today moving toward green tea. People are drinking green tea in large numbers these days because there are some of the rich green tea health benefits have been recorded in the last few years.

Nowadays, doctors and physicians are also recommending people to take a cup of green tea in the morning instead of their regular milk tea or coffee. So, if you are also planning to start taking green tea regularly, then you should read out some of the proven facts about green tea first.

Fact 1. Helps in reducing weight 

If you have been regularly drinking sodas, energy drinks, or sweetened tea and coffee, then switching to green tea will immediately impact your weight. This is because the amount of sugar added to your beverage plays a very vital role in adding extra calories to your weight. So, if in this, you switch to unsweetened green tea, then this will automatically show on your body weight. But, if you are already drinking fresh juices, unsweetened coffee or tea, and diet beverages, then switching to green tea won’t show any immediate impact on your body.

Fact 2. Reduce the chances of cancer

It has been seen that antioxidant components present in green tea have certain properties that can help you against fighting cancer. A couple of studies conducted in 2002 have shown that polyphenols found in green tea may surpass certain tumor cells in the body. However, according to the recent study conducted in 2018 has shown that people who regularly consume green tea has marginally lowered their risk of developing breast cancer. So, if you consume green tea daily and include antioxidants containing veggies in your diet more, then the chance of getting chronic diseases will reduce in your body eventually.

Fact 3. Reduces risk of heart diseases 

It is shown in a study that people who drink unsweetened green tea at an early age are likely to develop fewer cardiovascular diseases in old age. Various population studies have been conducted to anticipate the effect of unsweetened green tea on the development of heart diseases. For example, studies conducted in Taiwan and Japan, where green tea is consumed regularly and consistently, may have a genetic predisposition to the positive effects of green tea. This has been proven in most of the studies that unsweetened beverages consumption reduces the risk of developing other types of chronic diseases as well as obesity.

Fact 4. Maintain your blood sugar level

If you are consuming an unsweetened version of the green tea, then it will certainly lower down your blood sugar level. But, lately, various flavors of green tea are available in the market in which multiple ingredients from sugary juices to frozen yogurt have been used – and they are indeed loaded with the sugar. That’s why properly scan the nutrients label on a green tea package to ensure that consuming it won’t increase your blood sugar level.

Fact 5. It is caffeine-free 

This is not always the case, but some versions of green tea are caffeine-free. If you find caffeine taste much stronger for your taste, then the subtle taste of green tea will be great for you. However, if you are planning to drink green tea before going to the bed, then use the non-caffeine version of the green tea only – otherwise, you won’t be able to fall asleep easily.

Green tea is a trendy drink these days because it is tasty and healthy. So, if you are planning to stay healthy, then you should definitely start taking more green tea regularly. In the long run, green tea has numerous benefits that you can’t avoid.



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