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1. We are committed to writing and sharing  all things startup. We’re empowering and inspiring young entrepreneurs  by delivering fresh, useful and original content to our readers daily. You can contribute original content and share your content with us.

2. TheMorningHub will be happy to include links to your website, personal blog, Facebook, Twitter page and latest projects (as appropriate), helping you make new entrepreneur friends and spread your web of influence.

Types of posts you can send us

3. We want to hear about the latest and greatest startups, entrepreneurs and tech tools and advice that will motivate, inspire and improve the online  businesses of our audience of young entrepreneurs and business professionals.

4. We love to hear about the FOUNDERS  behind the startups. Where they’re coming from, what challenges they’ve faced and how they’ve overcome them. Read more about our Success story series.

5. We are NOT looking for promotional / marketing posts about your business or your clients. Your articles need to be informative, relevant and interesting to our audience – not just promotional.

6. Post are usually 500-1000 words each, but may be longer or a bit shorter if need be.

7. Your submissions to TheMorningHub must be written BY YOU and cannot be published elsewhere before they are published on TheMorningHub.com

8. You can send your Word Doc or Notepad txt file to info [at] TheMorningHub [dot] com, photos and videos should be attached separately.

9. Author bios should be written in 3rd person and be no longer than 500 characters (including spaces).

10. Although we appreciate all of the guest posts submitted to us, we are only able to publish posts of the highest quality.

11. Guest Posts which do not pass Copyscape will not be published.