4 Ways to Overcome Your Fear of Eco-anxiety


‘Universal is dying, ‘Global warming will destroy the earth’, ‘by 2025 atmosphere will completely change’ – we all heard these kinds of news daily today because climate change is a very serious topic. But, this talk or we can say panic of climate change has developed an eco-anxiety fear in the minds of people that are creating a panicky situation.

According to a survey conducted by The Harris Poll on behalf of the American Psychological Association, it has showcased that today two-thirds of the world population is suffering from climate change anxiety. Under this problem, people are getting panic attacks because of various climate change news and predictions that have created a problem of anxiety.

Now, if you are also suffering from the anxiety of environment where you everyday go to bed thinking that you might not wake up in the morning or climate will drastically change, then you need to stop panicking and start practicing following things –

Gather Up Knowledge 

To get into the root cause of environmental change, you have to gather up relevant facts and information on the topic. Most people just hear panicky and pessimist environments change news and tune down other information. People just read headlines of interesting topics like – The earth will die by 2050, but forget to read the full story behind it.

Thus, it is advocated by experts that if you gather up all the relevant information like how climate is changing and how can your small efforts make great significance in the changing environment. When you learn how you can prevent the environment from changing, then instead of worrying you will be able to take action towards protecting the environment.

Learn How to Make Difference 

It is a very bad thing that most people don’t know how they can make changes in the prevention of the environment. It is true that major changes will be made by the government and authorities to protect the environment, but there are still few things in the hands of the common man that they can use to protect the environment. Such as by eating less amount of red meat, you will be able to reduce the carbon emission rate. Moreover, by joining environment preservation groups and participating in the strikes or rallies, you will be able to create some awareness.

Environmental preservation is a global problem and we all should contribute as much as possible to protect it. In your limits, you should take steps to make a difference in climate change.

Refocus your Negative Thoughts 

In general, research shows that reframing negative thoughts can help alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression. So, if negative thoughts of climate change or environmental destruction has been stopping you from making future plans, then you should refocus your negative thoughts. You should try to repair your one negative thought with one positive thought like when the thought of climate change stresses you out, then you can replace it with positive thought like how beautiful your life is.

Think of Other Important Things

This is a very unique technique of treating stress where you can use stress to cure stress. Yep, when eco-anxiety stresses you out, then you can think about other looming stressors of your life like money, career, personal life, and others. So, basically when you think about other important stress points of your life, then the topic of environmental change will automatically go to the back of your mind. It might not be too much of a recommended method, but if no other method works for you, then you can definitely try it as your last resort.

Okay, so folks if you are stressing about the environment, climate and the earth, then you aren’t strange as a number of other people are going through the same problem. To cure your problem, you need to be optimistic and start taking strong actions towards the prevention of climate.



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