5 Arts of Being a Creative Person Always


If the mundane routine of going to the office and doing the same boring work has made your mind dull and creative thoughts have left your mind, then you need to start recharging your brain immediately. That’s because if you don’t give a creative kick to your mind, then soon you will become a boring corporate robot who performs his job robotically without an ounce of emotions and feelings.

Especially, if you are a creative person who loves to create unique things using your imagination or you have a creative job profile like a writer, graphic designer, etc., then you should definitely practice few techniques to recharge your creativity. You can practice the following techniques to keep yourself creatively recharged always.

  1. Early morning writer

If you want to stay creative all day long, then you should start your day by penning down your thoughts. When you wake up early in the morning, then your mind is fully fresh and recharged. You should use your free mind to note down all your ambitions and things that you want to achieve in your day. You should write down all your creative thoughts in the journal and keep it updated daily. This way whenever you feel lost or need a source of inspiration to create something new, then you can refer to your own thoughts and stay always creatively inspired.

  1. Clear your mind

When you are struggling to find a creative thought or you don’t know how to inspire yourself to create your new creation, then you should try to clear your mind. Most of the time, so many different things are clouding your mind that you aren’t able to clearly think and process creative thoughts so you should practice meditation early in the morning for at least 15 minutes and cleanse your mind. Meditation is the best mind cleanse technique that can help you in gathering your scattered thoughts and inspiring you to stay creative always.

  1. Cut your routine 

If you have been following the same routine for a couple of days like waking up in the morning, getting ready for the office, coming back home and cooking dinner before going to bed. If you are following this typical routine for long, then you need to break down your monotone routine and do something totally different then your schedule. By breaking down your routine, you will be able to welcome new ideas in your mind and explore new things. This change in your boring routine will definitely make you see things from the new perceptive which is a great thing for a creative person.

  1. Take a walk with nature

Four walls of your home or office can truly make you a dull person. To explore new things about yourself or to increase the production level of your creative thoughts, you need to wear up your sneakers and take a walk with nature. You should take a stroll in the park or you can go hiking with your friends. By including yourself with natural things, you can cultivate more and more creative thoughts. Nature is a big inspirational place, you can drive inspiration from birds, flowers or water. When you are feeling unproductive, then shut off your smartphone and take a stroll with nature.

  1. Try color therapy

Okay, when nothing works for you, then you can try color therapy to increase your creative level. Every color has a different meaning and inspires you differently. You can try including yourself with multiple colors and create a unique pattern to increase your productivity. Colors have been known to enhance your mood and impact your thinking. Go for the color green when you want to be more creative and the color yellow when you want to enhance your mood overall (which also helps your creativity).

So, whenever you feel like you are losing your creative instinct, then you should try to include different techniques in your old routine to stay always creative. Because for a creative person it is very important to always stay highly creative and motivated to produce great results.


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