5 Visa-Free Nations for Indian Citizens


If you want to travel outside India this summer vacation, then you need to sort your visa formalities before boarding the plane. And, to be honest, getting visa sorted for your entire family means lots of paperwork and formalities. Now, if you don’t have time or will to go through all the visa troubles, then you can still take abroad vacations.


Well, there are few friendly countries present on the globe that offers visa on arrival or no visa option to Indian passport holders. That means you can take your family to a foreign land without going through visa hassle. So, if you want paper-free vacations, then plan a trip to the following countries.

  1.   Indonesia

Indonesia is the heart of Asia where you can indulge in vivid Asian cultures. Moreover, for tropical environment lovers, Indonesia is the perfect place to relax under the shadow of a coconut tree while gazing upon the widespread beaches. Most importantly, for Indian passport holders sightseeing and roaming on the beaches of Indonesia is a visa-free experience. So, you don’t have to go through all the visa formalities before spending some relaxing holidays on the sandy shores of Indonesia with your family. You should once check the website of Indonesia tourism before hopping on the plane so that you can bring important ID proofs with you.

  1.   Macau

If you want to visit Las Vegas, but the visa formalities of the US are giving you a headache, then you can satisfy yourself by visiting the Vegas of China  – Macau. Well, when you want to have a hassle-free bachelor party with your friends, then hop on the plane that takes you to Macau visa-free. Apart from the exciting fun, you can embrace multiple cultures by taking a lazy stroll in the captivating city. You can walk along The Macau Peninsula to experience the old city charm and in your Macau trip don’t forget to visit the islands of Taipa, Cotai, and Colonie. And, all that fun is visa-free for Indian citizens.

  1.   Nepal

In the list of visa-free countries for Indians, we can’t forget to mention our friendly neighbor – Nepal. Especially, when you always want to hick on one of the highest peaks of the world including the great Mount Everest, then you should definitely take a trip to Nepal. Moreover, if you don’t want to travel by air, then you can by road reach Nepal and gaze upon some of the beautiful snow-covered peaks. Nepal is the best place to visit during the summer season when all snow is settled and you can easily see the nature. Oh, and if you are Indian, then you don’t need to collect lots of papers to visit Nepal.

  1.   Thailand 

Thailand is the most fun-loving tourist attraction for young people who want to have some fun without visa troubles. With its historical attractions and vibrant nightlife, it is one of the most popular destinations. There are plenty of different magnificent sights and places present in Thailand that can compel you to visit this beautiful Asian country again and again. To know more about the visa on arrival features of Thailand for Indian citizens, you can check out the official website of Thailand tourism.

  1.   Seychelles 

When you want to spend your holidays performing multiple underwater activities and relaxing on the shores of different beaches daily, then you can visit Seychelles. You can explore some of the hidden underwater wonders with scuba diving or snorkeling in Seychelles. This heavenly place is full of amazing views and crystal clear blue waters that you can explore by getting a visa on arrival. Just pack essential documents along with your bathing suit and you are ready to spend some amazing time in Seychelles.

So, if you want to have a spontaneous holiday on foreign land, then you can visit any of the places that won’t require any visa formalities. Just relax on your holidays without any visa hassle.


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