Benefits of Super Health Food – Chia Seeds

chiaa seeds eat benifits

When you are looking for super healthy food that can make you healthy and energetic all day long, then you have to trust the nutritional value of chia seeds. Especially, if you are a vegetarian fella, then to obtain adequate nutritional value from your vegetarian diet, you just need to add chia seeds to your diet. Now, if you are wondering how can these small seeds improve your health, then check out the awesome benefits of chia seeds that you can welcome in your life today.

High Nutritional Value 

Chia seeds are tiny black seeds that are driven from the Salvia hispanica plant – it is a part of the mint family. These seeds have numerous health benefits due to their high nutritional value and can cure multiple diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and overall body functions. With chia seeds, body complexion, and immunity levels can be increased as it is a rich fiber source. The United States (U.S.) dietary guidelines for 2015 to 2020 suggest that men under the age of 50 years should consume 30.8 grams (g) of fiber per day and women under the age of 50 years should consume 25.2 g per day. To increase fiber intake in your diet, you have to consume a plant-based diet more like vegetables, nuts, fruits, seeds, and unprocessed grains. By consuming a small portion of chia seeds, you will get 10 grams of fiber which is less than the dietary requirements of women under 50 years.

Helps in Weight Loss 

If you are struggling to lose your body weight, then chia seeds can help you in it. The fiber-based food fills your stomach for a long time which will eventually help in weight loss. By taking one tablespoon of chia seeds, you will get 5 grams of fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, and alpha-linoleic acids instantly which helps in weight loss. Moreover, if a gel form of chia seeds is used after dissolving them into the water, then it will keep your stomach contended for a longer period. But, there’s no direct benefit of chia seeds in the weight loss process.

Healing of Diverticulosis 

It has been shown in multiple studies that high-fiber food helps in flare-ups of diverticulitis by absorbing water in the colon and regulating bowel movement with easier passage. Thus, eating a high-fiber diet including vegetables and fruits reduces inflammation in the colon region. Chia seeds being the major source of fiber will help in the healing process of diverticulosis.

Helps in Treating High Cholesterol and Blood Pressure

 The daily intake of fiber helps reduce the bad cholesterol level and maintains a consistent level of blood pressure in the body very quickly. It has been concluded in multiple types of research that a daily intake of 10 grams of fiber can reduce LDL aka bad cholesterol level in the body. Some of the advanced dietary studies have even presented that fiber improves immune system health and reduces inflammation. Thus, various inflammation-related diseases like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, and obesity can be easily cured with daily consumption of chia seeds.

Treats Diabetes 

Well, there aren’t many studies present that advocate chia seed’s benefits on blood glucose and insulin resistance, but one study held in 2017 shows that chia seeds might be helpful in turning glucose into a slow-release carbohydrate. This benefit of chia seeds will be very helpful in treating type 2 diabetes. Moreover, if you are consuming a high-fiber diet, then your chances of developing diabetes are very low. It has just concluded that by taking 15 grams of fiber daily, you are likely to get diabetes. So, if you don’t have diabetes yet, then you should definitely take chia seeds daily. The list of chia seeds benefits could go long, but you just need to remember one thing here – chia seeds are a great source of fiber that is highly important to stay healthy. So, one teaspoon of chia seeds daily can make you super healthy.



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