Weird Dishes That You Can Taste In The World 

Top Weird Dishes from the world

Are you a big-time foodie? Do you love to explore different dishes? If yes, then you must be always on the hunt for some new and unique flavors to explore. Well, our globe is full of food destinations from where you can order some extremely weird tastes. So, if you are looking forward to eating something unique, then you can try the following things –


Shirako is a Japanese dish that means white children, but in it, sperm sacs of either cod, angler fish, or puffer fish are used. If you aren’t a seafood fan, then this might look weird to you. Moreover, when it is served on the plate, it looks like a white blob of goo or a minimalist brain. Okay, so from looks it might seem like a gross dish, but when you taste it, then it tastes like a sweet custard. So, don’t let the look of Shirako fool you as it tastes amazing and contains high nutritional value.


Balut is a Philippines delicacy that is cooked with a fertilized duck egg. The duck egg has a partly developed embryo inside it boiled alive, then you have to eat it from the shell itself by peppering it with a pinch of salt, chili, and vinegar. To eat this goodness, you have to punch a hole in the shell and suck the savory liquid out of it and then crunch down the rest of the remaining parts including features, bones, and all. It might look weird to eat, but the flavors of this dish are very decent and refreshing for your taste buds.

White ant egg soup

Okay, so this ant egg soup is not at all drool-worthy and can’t be digested by everyone. It can be easily categorized as one of the world’s most unusual soups. Gaeng Kai Mot Daeng combines a mixture of ant eggs and partial embryos from the white ant, plus a few baby ants to add sourness. If you are a fan of sharp and rich flavors, then you will definitely appreciate this bowl of soup. The taste of this soup is quite similar to shrimp and it is mainly served in Laos.

Jellied moose nose

The nose isn’t an actual choice of meat lovers ever. But, Canadians have been a little adventurous from the beginning so they thought of experimenting with nasal gastronomy. In this nose dish, the nose is properly cleaned after removing hairs and all other junk – thank god for that. And, then the nose is boiled with onions and spices, then it is properly sliced and covered with a broth that helps in setting into a jelly. So, it certainly looks very bad, but it’s pretty healthy. Visit Canada to try this jellied moose nose dish.


This Mexican dish is made from corn smut that is a fungus turned into a normal corn kernel into a tumor – it grows like spores covered in blue-black shades. To a regular person that might seem like a diseased corncob, but to Mexicans – it is a special culinary treat. They called this dish

Casu marzu also known as rotten cheese is an Italian dish that is made from the pecorino that has gone bad. It is quite an interesting dish where larvae of cheese flies are added to the pecorino for hatching. As a result, a very weeping and sharp taste is produced that you can eat with or without maggots.

Best Time to Travel Across Europe. So, if you are a big-time foodie as call yourself, then you gotta try some of the weird delicacies served around the globe to hold your title of the biggest foodies.


What are some weird food habits?

Weird food habits vary among individuals and cultures, but some examples include eating unusual food combinations (e.g., ketchup on ice cream), consuming insects or unconventional meats, or having specific rituals around eating (e.g., eating one type of food at a time). Cultural differences often influence what is considered normal or strange in terms of food habits.

What is an unusual food?

An unusual food is one that deviates from typical or common dietary choices and may be unconventional or uncommon in a particular culture. Examples include exotic meats (e.g., insects, snake), unique fruits or vegetables, or dishes combining unexpected ingredients. Unusual foods often vary based on individual preferences and cultural norms.

What are weird food combos?

Weird food combinations are unconventional pairings of ingredients that might seem unusual or unexpected to many people. Examples include things like peanut butter and bacon, chocolate-covered potato chips, or even unusual combinations like fruit with hot sauce. These pairings are often a matter of personal taste and can vary widely among individuals.

What are 3 bad eating habits?

1. Mindless Eating: Consuming food without paying attention to portion sizes or eating in response to emotions rather than hunger.
2. Skipping Meals: Missing regular meals, especially breakfast, can lead to overeating later in the day and negatively impact metabolism.
3. Excessive Snacking on Unhealthy Foods: Consuming too many high-calorie, low-nutrient snacks can contribute to weight gain and poor nutritional intake.


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