Do you Know All About Millennials? – Personality Traits of Millennials


The people born between 1982 to 2000 are called millennials. They are often called lazy and technology-oriented generation as well. It has been said that millennials don’t like to work, they spend money on outrageous things and spend all their time on social media platforms. Now, if you also think that this is all that millennials do and they have zero personality, then you are very wrong.

Millennials are the most misjudged generation by far. Most people don’t actually know anything about the creative zeal, innovative approach and weird ways of millennials. So, if you want to learn more about millennials who are currently everywhere, then you should read out some of their personality traits.

They want to bring change

It has been seen that building a sustainable career isn’t only the goal of millennials. They want to bring some changes in the world with their efforts. They want to work in a way that their efforts make significant changes in society. That’s why most of the millennials are adopting innovative ways to nourish their career and help the society altogether.

They are making less money 

Well, millennials might be creative and innovative, but they are presently making less money than their parents when they were their age. Even the advance degree holder millennials are still not able to make decent money. Today, a highly qualified millennial is making money almost equal to a boomer. It is petty, but millennials are happy with creative ideas and empty pockets.

They aren’t financially prepared 

Yep, under the pile of student loans, car loans, credit card debt and other utility expenses, millennials are nowhere financially secured. This generation doesn’t have spare savings to plan their retirement or make some lucrative business investment. So, from a financial perspective, millennials are far behind and just focusing on their present instead of worrying about their future.

They love to pamper their pets

Millennials are slow to buy a house, and when they do, it’s not because they want to have children or get married. It’s because they want a place where they’re allowed to have a dog, something that isn’t guaranteed in every rental. Not only dogs, but millennials are compassionate human beings so they love to pet different kinds of animals. And, when a millennial gets a pet, then they offer their pet a luxurious and lavish lifestyle.

They can leave their phones behind 

Well, we might call millennials a digital generation, but when times come to leave their smartphones behind, then millennials are more than ready as compared to Gen X. It has been observed that millennials prefer to detox from technology from time to time and travel with their friends and family.

They are the fattest generation 

The vegan obsessed and yoga freak millennials are one of the fattest generations in history. It has been shown in a study of Cancer Research UK that millennials are the fattest people. The majority of millennials are suffering from obesity and other health problems because they consume unhealthy fast food or don’t pay much attention to leading a healthy lifestyle. The sleeping pattern of a millennial is the worst.

They can be fooled easily 

As compared to old grannies, millennials are tricked more online. It has been seen that this digital generation can be tricked easily online and a number of online money frauds are more targeted to them. According to a report, 40% of millennials have been tricked online that’s way higher than the old generation number.

They prefer mental satisfaction over money

A millennial can work for $40000 per year on a job that he or she loves rather than earning $10,000 on a job that he doesn’t love. So, mental satisfaction is very important for millennial professionals.

After reading these personality traits of millennials, you have got to know your millennial child or friend better. So, millennials aren’t as lazy as we think of them.



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