The Best Gadgets 2019 for Your Growing Kids

growth gadgets for childern

Technology is a part of today’s generation and you can’t keep them away from different technology-based gadgets. However, you can do one thing – you can get the best gadgets 2019 for your kid that’ll help in improving the growth of your little one. In the market, a wide range of kid’s gadgets are present like remote control devices, smart gadgets, and much more. But, from the pool of numerous kid’s gadgets, you need to get gadgets that improve learning power and help your kid to learn something new daily.

Best Gadgets 2019 for Children 

Keeping into consideration the different tastes, genders, age bars, and other tiny factors, we have created the list of gadgets that you should order for a child today!

-1. Fitbit Ace

It is a worry of every parent today that their kids won’t participate in physical activities anymore. Thus, if you want your kid to stay active and motivated all day long, then you get Fitbit Ace for him or her.

It is a stylish OLED tap display screen with kid-friendly straps. With the Fitbit Ace app, you will be able to track the steps, calories, and sleep patterns of your child so that you can maintain a high level of health efficiency. Additionally, it is a waterproof gadget so you can always make your children wear it.

-2. Boogie Board 8.5-Inch LCD Writing Tablet

Okay, so if a heavy backpack for your kid is bothering you, then you can order this Boogie Board 8.5-inch LCD writing tablet for your kid. It is a lightweight LCD screen that children of all ages can use to write, draw, and doodle. This way your little ones won’t have to carry heavy books and notebooks to school, plus you can contribute towards the environment by using this writing tablet as 50,000 erasures per lifetime can be saved. So, for young kids who like to draw and erase a lot – it is the best gadget in 2019.

-3. Hasbro’s FurReal Cubby Bear

Does your toddler fuss about sleeping alone? Then, you can order the latest Hasbro’s FurReal lines chubby bear that will become your toddler’s bed partner. This cuddle bear behaves like a real bear from a Disney movie. FurReal Cubby can snort, twitch ears, play peekaboo, talk, and do so much more. Approximately 100 baby bear sounds can be made by this cuddly. Additionally, touch sensors present on the head and belly will give your toddler a human touch experience. You can even switch on nightmare mode to help your kids sleep soundly.

-4. Pictionary Air

Traditional Pictionary game has been elevated one notch up with augmented reality where you have to draw a picture in the air using a wireless light-up pen and others have to use their iPhone or iPad screen to visualize the clues and guess. So, now you and your kids can play Pictionary anytime on the go without using a pen or paper. It is a perfect game for your kids’ sleepover parties where your children and their friends can indulge in digital fun. Moreover, you don’t need an internet connection to use this pen, you just need compatible iOS devices.

-5. Little hippo Mella

Is it a warzone in your home when you have to wake up your kids for school? If yes, then you can provide a kid-friendly wake-up experience to your kids with Littlehippo Mella. It is a colorful alarm clock design with kid-oriented material. This alarm clock will produce three different melodies to wake your kids and get ready for the day Apart from basic alarm clock features, this clock can be used as a nightlight in your child’s bedroom. Moreover, with this device, you can set an estimated countdown timer for your Kid’s siesta so that they get engaged and active for any other activity of the day, parents, you can’t keep your kids away from the technology, but you can indeed get the best gadgets 2019 for your kids that can offer them some values. So, be sure to check the useful featuresand children will grow fasterand children will grow fasterand children will grow faster of a gadget before ordering for your kids.



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