Tips to Start Your Affiliate Marketing Blog


Today, if you want to make quick cash online, then you must try affiliate marketing. This method can make a decent income for you online. In affiliate marketing, you have to advertise certain goods or products on your website, then if someone clicks on your link or buy something from your given link, then you will get a certain amount of commission on every purchase. This looks like a very easy and convenient way to make money.

But, before getting into the affiliate marketing blogging, you have to think a little deeper because starting a website merely takes up a couple of hours. However, turning it into the money machine is a completely different thing. So, if you want to run a successful affiliate marketing blog, then you have to consider a few things first.

What’s your Niche?

Yep, you can’t start your blog without finding a profitable marketing niche. Suppose if you are passionate about electronics and love to write electronic reviews, but it is a big market with so much competition. So, you will get easily lost in the heavy competition as some of the websites are highly popular out there.

Thus, you have to narrow down your niche search to micro categories. In electronics, a number of subcategories are present such as heavy electronics, smartphones and so on. So, you can target the micro-niche and focus your blog around it. As there will be less competition under the sub-niche and more profit margin as compared to the main category. You can even dig deeper into the sub-niches and write only about affordable smartphones. This way you can create content for the particular audiences only.

Find your Keywords 

Once you have selected your niche, then the next step is to find the keywords relevant to your niche. Well, the keyword is nothing, but the phrases or words that people put to search websites similar to yours on Google. With the proper implementation of the keywords into your content, you will notify the search engine that you are writing about particular keywords so they can send traffic regarding these websites your way instantly. The entire ranking game revolves around keywords so you have to understand it perfectly.

Get Hosting 

To make your website fast and safe, you have to get a personal hosting plan. Well, for the beginners, it might seem expensive, but this is a one time expense that will benefit your business in the long run. There are plenty of shared hosting plans available in the market, they might be less expensive or free, but they don’t offer the excellent speed or security as the customized hosting plan. So, you should think of it as your business investment and get the dedicated host for your website. There are different hosting sites available online with the free domain option that can be really cheap for you.

Create your First Blog

Once you have set up your website, then the next step is to start creating your first blog where you can highlight your affiliate marketing link. Your blog should be highly informative that should walk your readers through the different aspects of the topic. Suppose if you are writing about the smartphone reviews, then you have to describe everything about the product in the depth that can offer the value to your readers.

To make your blog more interesting and interactive, you have to include photos and videos related to your text. The media will make the content more interesting and break the monotony of boring content as well. Importantly, you need to place the affiliate marketing link very carefully in the content with the proper call of action button that can grab the attention of customers immediately.

With regular posting, high value, correct marketing and being persistent, you will create your affiliate marketing blog easily. But, don’t forget that making money through an affiliate marketing blog is a long process and you have to work very hard in the beginning first so don’t lose your focus easily.



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