What is CoronaVirus? How Worried You Should Be?

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Nowadays, everyone is talking about the newly found deadly virus corona that has attacked numerous Chinese people already and slowly spreading across the world. People are very scared of this virus because this type of coronavirus has never been detected before. So, if you are worried about this virus as well and don’t know how to protect your family from this virus, then we will be sharing some important points on this topic today.

What is Corona Virus?

The virus is a newfound member of the virus family that hasn’t been seen in any human being. It is an animal-born virus just like all other coronavirus viruses. This particular virus that has been causing trouble in China has been born from seafood as most of the virus victims shop from the Huanan seafood market of Wuhan. This market specifically sells seafood and animals are slaughtered here also.

Other Types of Coronaviruse

Corona Viruses were first detected around 1960 in some parts of the world. Severe acute respiratory syndrome (Sars) and Middle Eastern respiratory syndrome (Mers) are both caused by coronaviruses that come from animals mostly. It is said that Mers is transmitted in humans through Arabian camels, however, the main source of both the viruses have been bats in most of the cases. The first case of the SARS virus was detected in 2002 in more than 37 nations and created a great panic moment like today. However, Mers is a more dangerous coronavirus type as only 35% of Mers victims can be saved by far plus it can be easily transmitted through human touch.

How Can You Identify Wuhan Coronavirus?

Now, if you are scared of the Wuhan coronavirus, then you should be because it has killed a number of people in China. But, if you identify signs of Wuhan coronavirus, then you can start taking precautions soon. According to the victims of the Wuhan coronavirus, they fell severely ill with pneumonia and suffered from intense coughing attacks, high fever, and multiple organ failure. Wuhan coronavirus basically causes viral pneumonia which means antiviral drugs won’t work on it. That’s why patients need to be admitted to the hospital so that they get lung support for breathing and other organ failures. However, recovery of the patient normally depends upon the strength of the immune system as most of the people who had died from the Wuhan coronavirus have been already suffering from some sort of illness.

Is the Virus Can be Transmitted From Human To Human?

Yes, this virus has created so much panic because it can be easily transmitted through sneeze, cough, and touch like regular viral flu. Plus, it has been confirmed by the Chinese health department that this virus can be easily transmitted because it has spread to different cities in China. Apart from China, coronavirus has been infecting people around the globe. The patients of this Chinese virus have been found in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Japan, Nepal, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, the US, and Vietnam. According to the World Health Organization, the number of coronaviruses infected must be between 100,000 because it spreads very quickly. Thus, it is highly advised to keep patients in isolation until they are fully cured.

When Should I See the Doctor?

People are so terrified of the coronavirus that they are taking doctors’ trips even after a small coughing incident. Well, folks, coronavirus is very dangerous and there’s no harm in being cautious, but you also don’t need to visit a physician after a mild cough or fever. However, if you have recently been in touch with someone who has traveled from China in the last month or you are feeling extremely sick, or experiencing severe chest pain and difficulty breathing, then you should definitely see your doctor. Moreover, if you are already suffering from a long-term illness and your immune system is low, then you should contact your doctor for sure. So, people, coronavirus is a new danger that we have to face together without getting panicked. Just be cautious and you will be fine.



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