The Best Travel Apps of 2022


Whether you want to book cheap flight tickets or want to explore hidden places in a foreign land, you can do all that easily by installing an app on your smartphone. Yep, if before traveling, you install a good travel app on your smartphone, then you can save lots of money on booking tickets, traveling locally and get assistance from experts when you are lost in a foreign country.

If you have the best travel app installed on your smartphone, then you don’t need to pay a penny to local guides and can still discover all the local places under your budget. So, before packing your bags for your next expedition, you have to download the following travel apps on your smartphone or tablets.


MyTSA is an official app sponsored and developed by the US government to create an easy airport travel environment for the passengers. By installing this app, you can avoid getting in a quarrel with airport security officers who are just trying to perform their duty. This app will tell you which item you can carry in your suitcase to avoid any kind of security checkpoint and you can also obtain live assistance from the Transportation Safety Administration. By using the MyTSA app, you will get the current status of your flight, rush at the checkpoint, security wait ups, weather conditions, chances of delay and so much more. It is a complete airport guide that will help you in a smooth boarding.


Kayak has been the best travel guide for tourists by far. This app lets you search for different things like restaurants, cars, hotels, and flights by comparing the data of various travel websites. On this app, you will find some exclusive deals that you can’t find on any other app plus with the price forecast – you can check whether you should book now or wait for the price fall. Kayak also acts as a trip planner, offering up important details at a glance like your hotel confirmation number or gate number. You can also access all the information in real-time using gadgets like Apple Watch. This app is growing rapidly as it now offers notifications on restaurant launches and provides special search engines for individual searches.


When you want to book cheap flight tickets quickly, then you don’t have anything better than Hopper. It is an app similar to Kayak that lets you compare prices of different flight rates, provides information on the cheapest dates to fly, but this app is better because it offers instant mobile notifications to the users. It is claimed by the company that you can almost save up to 40% by booking flights by analyzing and comparing it to their app. Moreover, the user interface of the app is pretty simple and Hopper claims that you book your flight tickets in 60 seconds or less. With Hopper, you can search for specific hotels easily without searching through the entire city.


Okay, the must-have travel app is Airbnb. It is a travel brand that is recognized by everyone today. The app allows you to pick the cheapest local hotels and option to rent out local property or stay in locals homes for a better experience. Airbnb app comes with a feature called Trips – that offers Experiences to choose from during your stay and creates a moment for you. Overall, it is a complete travel app that lets you book a car, plan your day and much more.

Google Maps

It is yet another popular app that helps in navigation. You can get directions for traveling through the app and can even select the medium of travel like car, foot or public transport. You’ll find it fairly reliable in offering up local public transportation options in many countries, and you can also download specific areas for offline use. It is a complete navigation app that provides real-time traffic feeds to directions to the nearest restaurants.

So, if you want to make your travel plans smooth, affordable and interesting, then you should download a good travel app on your phone. This will make your trip even more fun.



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